Avoiding the pitfalls: Building Good Habits

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All parents want the very best for their kids.  In some cases parents structure and manage their kids’ lives in the way their parents had managed their lives when the parents were kids.  In some other cases parents take the opposite approach to what they had in their childhoods.  This is a hit and miss system.

Sometimes it works through luck but your kids future success, happiness, mental and psychological well-being is too important to leave to fate.  Often issues crop up.  This may be as children are learning at school, or in later life.  It may be demonstrated through their inability to achieve sufficiently or their inability to rest and enjoy life.  These issues often go unnoticed especially if the child is achieving sufficiently at school.  The education system in that case does not force the family to look at the issues and they are seen at a later stage in life when they demonstrate themselves in ways such as vulnerability to stress, anger, depression or anxiety.  These issues and others could have been more easily pre-empted had they been managed well in childhood before they become engrained patterns.

Build good healthy habits such as:

  • Build self esteem and self-belief
  • Build balance between work and play
  • Build trust in the world
  • Build boundaries
  • Build an expertise in self care
  • Build a sense of generosity towards self and others
  • Build the knowledge within yourself of how to build all the above and pass that expertise on