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Learn about the success formula and how it works and you can model that for your kids to copy as a success template.  As you probably know children do what you do and do not listen to what you say in terms of good advice that you yourself do not follow

If you demonstrate a balanced life they just copy that with ease. At the same time here is an opportunity for you as parents to decide to oust excessive stresses that can cause you distress and physical illness.  Whilst you are mentally detoxing your own life from stress and all unhealthy patterns they just copy the improved version.

Imagine the difference between developing an unhealthy pattern and then trying to fix from just growing with a naturally healthy pattern.

This may seem complicated because it involves you making changes in your own life patterns, but once you learn how to adjust and correct any unhealthy patterns the pay-offs will be great and the improvements will be very noticeable in your own levels of comfort and happiness.  The additional major achievement is that your kids follow suit and pass that on to their kids too. Is’nt that amazing.